Right from the Start in the Digital Age fills an information gap for parents and teachers of young children as well children themselves—about responsible digital media citizenship. Its public awareness campaign and resources have the potential to shape thinking and behavior about social and emotional skill building in the digital space and to avoid the harmful effects of cyberbullying. This is an initiative to keep an eye on!”

~ Maria Elena Lopez, Associate Director, Harvard Family Research Project

Right from the Start in the Digital Age arrives at just the right time.  Parents and educators are concerned about Internet safety and digital citizenship and are looking for guidance from a trusted source. The focus on the early childhood years reminds us that it is never too early to model and develop positive media habits and behaviors for young children growing up in the digital age.”

~ Chip Donohue, PhD, Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education, TEC Center Director, Erikson Institute, Senior Fellow, Fred Rogers Center

“Digital technology provides a variety of forums for social engagement that are available to adults, adolescents, and even elementary school children. Because these social media are all too often used to tease, bully, ostracize, and victimize, it is critical to introduce young children to the meaning of good digital citizen. Right from the Start in the Digital Age for Grades K-3: Curricula Activities for Teachers and Parents to Help Become Good Digital Citizens is a valuable guide developed expressly for this purpose.  Its goal is to ensure that young children develop into responsible users of social media by offering parents and educators a proactive set of concrete strategies for accomplishing this goal.”

~ Dr. Nancy Gropper, Retired Member of the Faculty, Bank Street Graduate School of Education

“I’ve been working with Latino families since 2007 empowering them to use media and technology in a safe, smart and balanced way which is our mission at Common Sense. Through direct interactions and media appearances, I have always shared with them that teaching kids how to use and take advantage of media and technology is like teaching them how to eat fruits and vegetables, the earlier you start the better.“

~ Maria Alvarez, Dir. Latino Content, Common Sense Media

“Along with a ‘call to action’ that lifts up the importance of good digital citizenship, and strategies to prevent cyber bullying and unsafe behaviors in online and face-to-face situations, Right from the Start in the Digital Age  position statement provides a springboard for discussions and recommendations  for action steps. The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN) has supported a collaborative effort with FHI360 to create a Spanish language version of the position statement to extend the reach of this critically important topic.“

~ Ed Greene, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at HITN

Download our position paper in both Spanish and English, as well as our free curricula activities for use in the home or classroom.